I find it easier to say no to distractions everyday

Sometimes, in life, we have to find the power to say no. I know it may be difficult with all these things and opportunities surrounding us, but it’s in our own advantage to find some time for ourselves. So here are some affirmations that can help you in the process of saying no to distractions. 

It is important for me to put myself first.  This doesn’t imply that I am selfish. Putting myself first means I understand my value and that I comprehend that my needs should be taken into consideration.

Sometimes it may be difficult to say no to a family member or friend who offers a diversion.  Remembering that I am saying no to a distraction and not to a loved one makes it easier for me to say no.

Distractions are most tempting to me when I am tired and overworked.  This means that I have to pay more attention to myself and the way I feel in certain moments, when someone asks me for something.  Taking planned breaks to refresh my mind makes it easier for me to stay focused on my goals.

Remember that it’s your choice to stay on track and say no to distractions. You have the power to take the steer and go your desired direction.