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“We are all born Free and Equal.”
… like two peas in a pod.
(United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)
The reality is often very different – not only because each of us brings our own individuality to this pod we live in, but also because of the reality of the system by which too many people are affected.
As Diverse As Two Peas In A PodCast is a platform to explore those differences, and how diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging affects each and everyone of us.
Each episode tackles the challenges and struggles of being true to ourself, and aims at designing actions to become more equitable and inclusive in everything we do…
Dear listener,
I am Julien, the host of As Diverse As Two Peas In A PodCast.
I was raised in a French-Senegalese family, one of my aunt is from the LGBTQ+ community, I have members of my family who suffered from mental health issues, and now I am married to someone from a different nationality.
And even though diversity was always around, I still ask myself many questions on the impact I can have but also whether I am doing the right things. How do I know I am moving in the right direction when it comes to becoming a more inclusive individual?
That is how the idea of creating an action-oriented podcast came to life.
On As Diverse As Two Peas In A Pod, we approach topics such as ethnicity, genders, sexuality, religion, etc. We talk about research and science, but also emotions and vulnerability. We discuss allyship, advocacy, privilege. And many more topics. But most importantly, we talk action, because without action, we stay still. And when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, stillness is never the answer!
Thank you for being part of this journey!

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