Coaching with Julien

Through discovering their strengths and inner-self, I enable individuals in periods of transition to transform  and to become more confident, resilient and empowered.

Change can sometimes be difficult. But change can also be essential, thrilling and liberating.

But what about that transition period – that time between when you have decided to make a change (or when that change is pushed upon you) and when your new plans will come together?

I do mean that time you feel a bit in a pending state, full of uncertainty, and when it seems like your entire life is on hold.

Those transition periods can sometimes feel like we are stuck, though it may not actually be the case.

Discover how coaching can help you accelerate that transformation and achieve the success you deserve.

  • You’re the entrepreneur whose start-up is evolving fast … and wants to step up in their role
  • You’re the specialist who became a leader … and is unsure how to step up to the role
  • You’re the risk-taker who decided to change career completely … and wants to succeed with those new beginnings
  • You’re the discoverer who took a job abroad … and is not sure how to adapt to that new environment
  • You’re the mother who is going back to the corporate world … and struggles to balance both worlds
Colors coaching facets multiple
Colors coaching facets multiple

What results can you expect from our sessions?

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  • Find the strengths that will transform you into a true leader
  • Develop the confidence to balance expertise and people skills
  • Become a successful entrepreneur and CEO
  • Build the career that matters to you
  • Take risks and confidently go out of your comfort zone
  • Approach difficult situations with a clear mind
  • Adapt to new environments faster
  • Feel empowered and motivated to achieve the goals you set yourself