10 steps to making great decisions

Great decisions come from a great decision-making process. Here are a few steps that will help you clarify the process:


1. Set a clear objective – what is it that you want to accomplish by reaching your objective?


2. Know your worth – some decisions are connected with your values, so give it a little bit of thinking before making a choice. 


3. Think about you options – you can even make a list of what options are available for you; it may surprise you how close the solution is, and you didn’t even consider it before. 


4. Think about benefits – what are you going to get out of all these options?


5. Think about the downsides as well – you have to face it, nothing comes with only advantages. Think which suits you best, tho.


6. Give it some thought – if it’s not an urgent matter, sleep on it. It may suprise you how perspectives can shift after a good night’s sleep. 


7. Make a decision – it can be very difficult, now that you have more options then before. Giving it more tie won’t do the trick, you compare everthing you like and dislike about your options and take the more advantageous one.


8. Have a second plan –  life sometimes just suprises us out of nowhere. If it’s something ig that you decided on, be sure you have a safety net. Even if you won’t need it, it’s better to widen you horizon and e prepared. 


9. Don’t back-off – stick with your decision. Even if the outcome may seem like a failure now, you don’t know what doors it can open. Stay prepared and don’t let anything get u off track. 


10. Have a follow-up –  see how everthing went and ho can you make it better next time. There’s always room for learning something new, so take everything you can from it. 


Keep in mind that you have the power to steer the wheel. It can get out of control, but it’s only normal in order to see the other side as well.