Improve your productivity and build your resilience by taking 15-minute naps

Napping is a quick and easy way to refresh your body and mind. A quick nap avoids the deeper stage of sleep that leaves you feeling worse than you did before. With experience, your body will learn to not only accommodate a nap, but to welcome it.


Try these ideas to incorporate a short nap into your schedule:



  • Naps don’t need to be long to provide great results – take a quick nap in order to feel refreshed and full of energy to do some other productive things. 
  • Make yourself comfortable – change the uncomfortable clothes, loosen your tie, get rid of your will make a great difference in the quality of your sleep. 
  • It’s not mandatory to fall asleep – you can just rest with your eyes closed. Your body will relax and you’ll be able to release some of the tension you accumulated until that point. 
  • Use an alarm – it might be a bit difficult to keep track of the time in the beginning, so start by using an alarm clock until your body gets used to your new habit. 
  • Upon awakening, stretch, have a drink of water, and start with simple activities – you don’t have to dive right into work. Just start with some simple things and everything will recover its pace in time. 



Take time for yourself and don’t ignore the fact that you are tired. Don’t overwork yourself without a break and learn to embrace your needs. It will do you a world of good.