Savouring My Accomplishments

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Savouring My Accomplishments Exercise


You can also use your past successes to give you confidence, spur you on to greater achievements and give you a boost of positive emotions when you need a little psychological pick-me-up.

This is an idea adapted from positive psychologist Barbara Fredrickson.


Take your accomplishment portfolio from our previous post (My Accomplishment Portfolio).


Over the next 20-30 minutes, find something to remind you of each of the most significant accomplishments.


Reminders could include photos of the award ceremony, a sporting trophy, a certificate of achievement, a letter of appointment, a school report, a congratulations card or email from a dear friend, a copy of a sponsorship form showing how much you raised and so on.


Keep these mementos together where you can easily see them, save a digital photo of them on your phone, or create a mental snapshot in your head. When you feel like you need a boost, spend a few moments looking at them, reminding yourself of your significant achievements.