Productivity Coaching (6 sessions, 15 tools)




Do you feel disorganized? Anxious? Stressed? Burnt out? Behind? Rushed? Unfulfilled?


Imagine saying goodbye to that state of overwhelm and taking charge of your own schedule! 😊


Join my 1 to 1 productivity coaching program and I will take you through a process of unlocking the secrets to productivity in your own life, your own way, in just 6 weeks, using over 15 tools.


But not in the sense of simply doing more, or adding more to your plate. Quite the opposite, actually. We will target your pain points, break down how you are currently spending your time, organize it better, cut out unnecessary tasks, help you tackle necessary priorities more efficiently and effectively, helping you find MORE time in your schedule for fun, relaxation, and growth.


Imagine setting everything that is important to you on auto-pilot, so you have more time for the things you actually enjoy!