Commitment coaching (8 sessions)




Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost, lacking control, and struggling to get things done?

Would you like to have more:

* Clarity in your life vision & control of your life?

* Self-esteem and confidence to pursue your goals?

* Ease and peace of mind?

* Success by just getting stuff done?

Then join my 8-week Commitment Coaching Program!

What is the process?

It consists of 8 individual coaching sessions, that will take you through the following

5 steps:

STEP 1. Clarity: working on your life vision – without a target of where to get to how will you know if you got there? We will uncover who you are at your best self, what are your strengths, values and motivations and make sure that they are aligned to your vision and that you know how to use them as assets in achieving that vision.

STEP 2. Goal setting: – set up powerful goals that can most move the needle towards your life vision

STEP 3. Designing actions & implementing habits: – come up with the best strategies and habits that can support your goals

STEP 4. Put productivity systems in place: – I have over 15 productivity tools that can support you to take control of your schedule each day, give you peace of mind that everything is scheduled and will be taken care of at the right time.

STEP 5. Accountability: – throughout this journey I will hold you accountable to do what you promised yourself, so you can gain confidence and momentum. Furthermore, I will support you to find your own accountability system and put it in place going forward.

The benefits you will have at the end of the process:

* A clear life vision and direction

* Feeling more in control of your life

* A better understanding of yourself, values, strengths, and motivations

* Getting more stuff done

* More confidence

* More peace of mind & ease

Examples of where this program works its magic:

* Productivity: When you have a new project or goal you want to tackle, and you feel overwhelmed.

* Career: When you’re thinking to change careers or are in a new job.

* Expats: If you’ve moved country and are trying to build a new life for yourself.

* Habits: When you’re trying to introduce a new habit or get rid of an old one and make things stick.

* & more.



600 Euro (8 x 60-minute sessions)



‘I had an amazing coaching session with Coddi.  Wow, she is GOOD at this!  I am both humbled and inspired by the experience. Thank you, Coddi!’-Coaching client, USA

‘Codruta Stefaniga’s an awesome coach. She helped me figure out what was blocking me and sort my thoughts around the Lifebook Leaders Program’- Coaching client, Lebanon

‘HUGE props and thank you to Coddi for my coaching session last week! You are awesome and coaching truly is your calling! If you guys haven’t signed up like she told you, you’re missing out. I was able to work through all of my career opportunities which then lead me to clarify which one I truly want to pursue! It feels amazing and freeing!!!’- Coaching client, USA

Interested? Please get in touch on: or 0040 734 322 894 (mobile or WhatsApp) and we’ll get started!

I look forward to coaching you to accomplish what you really want in life!