“By discovering their strengths and inner-self, we enable individuals in periods of transition to transform  and to become more confident, resilient and empowered through powerful coaching and personal development interventions.”

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One of the challenges we often found working with providers was the lack of a holistic approach that starts with needs assessment and only stops after ongoing support has been provided, including practical tools for employees to implement quickly on the job.

With this in mind, we created Future Minds Consulting to offer our clients a bespoke approach – enabling them to focus on what really matters for them through a thorough analysis of their needs and the design and delivery of workshops that blend theory and practice while using a coaching approach to embed the learning.

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Coaching is at the heart of everything we undertake. Coaching is about partnering with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their potential.
Coaching is that magic ingredient that enables individuals to feel more engaged, productive and to achieve more in their personal and professional lives. From Visualisation to Powerful Questioning, Goal Setting or Accountability, we use a variety of tools as part of our sessions to enable results and achieve performance excellence.
Some of our coaching interventions are embedded in our personalised programmes but do get in touch if you need coaching as a separate product!

Resilience Coaching
Productivity Coaching
Inclusion Coaching
Career Coaching
Leadership Coaching

We offer a variety of 1:1 and Group Coaching to maximise people’s growth, accountability and progress, as well as a number of assessments (MBTI, EI EQi 2.0, Strengths Profile, Mental Toughness Questionnaire, Thomas Kilmann’s Conflict Styles) to complement our interventions.


People are key to any organisation’s success and their development is paramount for building performant teams and businesses.
At Future Minds, we want your people to develop the relevant skills and empower them to grow so you are successful. Our hands-on and action-oriented approach focuses on three elements when it comes to development – interpersonal skills, team capability and leadership competences. Here is some of the bespoke work we have delivered for our clients:

Influencing Brilliantly, Ownership and Responsibility: Be Comfortable in Providing and Communicating Solutions, Mindset Shift to Unleash Your Potential…

Embracing Conflict to Build Better Organisations , Assertiveness: Communicating with Authority and Impact, Using MBTI Preferences for Critical Thinking, Creating Diverse and Inclusive Teams, Resilience for Performance…

Showing up for leadership: your presence is your impact, Leading from the inside out, Creating a Culture of Clarity and Empowerment…

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I met Julien during my coaching training at ICA. We had been working together to polish up coaching skills. The outcomes through the session with him were just amazingly superb regardless the agenda. He truly listened well what I said, helped me to bring the real awareness, goal settings, and encouraged me to figure out the plans and strategies with confidence. I could move forward any agenda effortlessly by having coaching sessions with him. He is the must have coach to anyone who is looking for a transformation!
Mami Sugimura
Mami Sugimura
New York City
We had the honour to have Julien as a speaker to our ZoomIN Conference, first edition. He was such an engaging speaker that we felt lucky to have him on stage for our conference. His keynote presentation and workshop was rated by our audience members as the best speaker from Romania. In his very dynamic, energetic session, Julien gave them clear tips – and most importantly, actionable recommendations - on how to apply these beneficial approaches on employees wellbeing from a compensation & benefits policy-making point of view. From our side as organizers, the expertise, professionalism and readily available support made the management and preparation of this conference very straight forward. We were surprised by his enthusiasm in overcoming any hurdle and turn unpredicted surprises into good humoured and pleasant experiences. Thank you, Julien!
Florentina Șipețean
Florentina Șipețean
Training Manager at Azimut Happy Employees