When designing the Global Tech Conference, the TLT approached me as they wanted to invest in some leadership development, and one of the many things that defines leadership is having a “multiplier” effect: your output is greater than just your effort, especially when leading a team, however how can you get more than the sum of parts?

Leadership has to start with you, with yourself, so that is what I decided to focus on. This session was all about understanding how being in the right mindset helps others develop, and promotes a culture of feedback, growth, open-communication and teamwork.

And that’s everything we covered in this session!


  • What fixed and growth mindsets are
  • What the impact of of fixed and growth mindsets have on:
    • individuals
    • teams
    • organisations
  • What we can do about it
  • Tools and activities that help us be more in a growth mindset.

Organisation: Thomsons Online Benefits