Self-awareness is the first step to any change and to understanding how an individual can develop and grow further.

From knowing our own strengths to exploring our communication styles, we often go through life without noticing where we stand and how we behave. In this session, we tried to go deeper into the areas of our lives where we are more unaware and practice tools that will enable us to create change.

And that’s everything we covered in this session!


  • Awareness vs. Unawareness – what we know that we know, what we don’t know that we don’t know
  • Why is self-awareness important and how can we use it?
    • for ourselves
    • in our relationships with others
    • to be more resilient
    • to feel more balanced with ourselves
  • Tools and practice
    • Discovering our values
    • Knowing our strengths
    • Communication styles

Organisation: Cluj International Women’s Club